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A few words from Krithika on this video.



Passed 1st time and so happy and confident driving now months on. Nick was an excellent instructor and really focused on working on what I struggled with in lessons. Couldn’t be happier, thoroughly recommend. Thanks Nick !

Steph Reynolds

April 2017


He was my second instructor and out of the two of them I wouldn’t have another one, really helpful with everything. Helped pass my test with ease and confidence would definitely recommend him to any new starters.


December 2016


I was able to pass my test with only four minors thanks to Nick. He was very patient with me when I first started as it took me a while to master the basics. However, as time progressed Nick was able to provide valuable driving tips and advice in different driving situations and when my confidence was knocked he was always there with his funny stories and jokes to keep me going. Once I had passed my test I decided to take the pass plus certificate with Nick which has further boosted my confidence with driving on the motorway. Nick has really helped me to become a safe independent driver and I would highly recommend him.


November 2016

Absolutely loved learning with Nick he’s so patient, funny makes u enjoy going on your driving lesson I past my test first time and I would recommend anyone to go for Nick when they decide they want to drive (thanks again for everything to taught me) xxx


July 2016


Passed my test first time today all thanks to Nick. Genuinely one of the best learning experiences I’ve had, he is everything you could want in a driving instructor and i would recommend him to anyone!


August 2016

Nick is a wonderful driving instructor!
He’s calm, patient and always likes a good natter! He helped me get my confidence back after it was knocked by a previous instructor. I wouldn’t of passed yesterday if it wasn’t for Nick! Thank you for helping me reach that all important milestone to independence. Xx


August 2016


This lady just needed a couple of hours on the motorway. She had a new contract in Swindon and was worried about the drive there.

Next day this text:

Good Morning Nick, thanks for yesterday. I drove to Swindon and back on my own yesterday, thanks for giving me the confidence that I can do it. God bless, Jacqueline.


Absolutely loved learning with Nick! Each lesson was funnier than the last and after driving for a while now I’ve seen just how well perfected he got my driving in comparison to other new drivers! Definitely recommend learning with Nick and a great guy also!

William Cutler

February 2015


Thanks to Nick, I passed my driving test first time and I highly recommend him as he is a very experienced and knowledgeable instructor who taught me how to adapt to different situations and to drive safely, not only for the test but in the real world too. His lessons were also very enjoyable and I always looked forward to them.

Gwen Whidbourne

October 2015


Nick is great. Without his lessons I would never be able to pass the test first time.I got my driving license after only 14 hours with Nick and with only 5 minor faults.

Nick always says (Train hard, Fight easy) and this is exactly what happened with me during the test. Since I have just moved in MK, I had no idea about the area, but I found out in the test that Nick was taking me in the same test routes every time during his lessons. I totally recommend Nick for anyone wants to pass the test first time. Thank you so much Nick.

Suzi Ali October 2015



Nick was excellent, he helped me to understand how to do things and why I should do them. I just passed my test first time and I would not have managed that without him! Thank you

Rebecca Lavery September 2015


Not only does he teach you how to drive, but he also teaches you to become a responsible driver! Nick adapts to suit whoever his is teaching and finds the best ways.

I used to be awful for checking my mirrors while driving and Nick suggested keeping an eye out for ‘yellow cars’; had me checking my mirrors regularly & I still do it when I drive!

I’ve recommended him to friends and will continue doing so! Thank you Nick for making me road safe.

Sonia Holmes  May 2015


Kriste Bartkute left a 5* review in June 2015

I helped Kirste with UK driving. She has a full Latvian licence but was worried about roundabouts and driving, on what to her, was the wrong side of the road.

A few lessons and she was ‘good to go.’


Nick is the best instructor there is out there!!He stuck by me for a year of stopping and starting. He would drop a text to remind me to keep it going not because he wanted money but he genuinely cared and wanted me to pass my driving. We would be out there driving and he will be giving me jokes to relax and not over think what I was doing. I can’t thank him enough for everything his done for me. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone even if you just want a driving friend . Keep up the good work

Babiyo – Angel Halo March 2015


I can only echo what’s already been said – Nick is an excellent instructor. While he does teach you, very well, the rules to passing your test he will also teach you to drive with confidence in the ‘real world’. Nick’s often repeated the phrase “Train hard, fight easy” and it’s true. For those nervous about driving, I can also vouch to Nick’s patience & easy-going manner.

5 Stars & strongly recommended.

Ian McBride


If you are thinking of doing driving lessons I would highly recommend Nick. The man is a legend, he helped me pass my test with only four minors,

Cheers Nick

Steve March 15


Nick is one of the most patient and calm instructors with a sense of humour! No matter how many times I stalled the car at the beginning we both gritted our teeth and kept going which led me into passing my test.
Honest and to the point guy will recommend to anybody looking for a driving instructor thats down to earth that also teaches you how to drive not just for a test.

Martin Mitov October 2014


Nick has been an amazing driving instructor, always makes sure you get the most from every lesson and is always positive. I have recently passed under his guidance and i would honestly recommend him to anyone trying to learn how to drive or wants a touch up, Nick really is a top notch instructor.

Ali al Shibani   October 2014


Very good instructor, really clear when explaining things and always willing to push to improve

Hannah   September 2014



Driving with Nick was a great experience. He taught me all the moves quick and fast for that big day!

So if you’re looking to pass smoothly and cost efficient, I highly recommend Nick Scardifield.

Umar   February 2014

A little bit of previous experience and Umar did only ten hours.


. . . thanks for teaching me all that I know about driving now . . .

Ciaran Jan 2014


Having had a bad experience after a few lessons before with another company, learning from Nick was a complete improvement.
Nick is an experienced instructor with many years and miles under his belt and this is completely evident in his instruction. A natural instructor, Nick is able to get the most out of his student and allow them to make fast  and relaxed progress .
Whilst teaching you the material in order to pass the test, Nick also teaches you the skills required for day-to-day driving.
Having only a limited time to complete my tuition, I was able to complete an intensive course over a 2 week period afterwards passing my test first time with only 4 minors.
Thanks Nick
Ali Searing
November 2013


I can only echo what’s already been said – Nick is an excellent instructor. While he does teach you, very well, the rules to passing your test he will also teach you to drive with confidence in the ‘real world’.

Nick’s often repeated the phrase “Train hard, fight easy” and it’s true.

For those nervous about driving, I can also vouch to Nick’s patience & easy-going manner.

5 Stars & strongly recommended.

Ian McBride

November 2013



I wanted to write a short review:

I would certainly recommend you as a driving instructor to a friend/colleague wanting to learn in Milton Keynes.

My experience over the past few months has been a very positive one, and I would like to echo your previous pupils in the assertion that you teach people how to drive in any condition- not just to pass a driving test.

Thank you for your patience and genuine care.

Laurence Lee

Sept 2013


Nick is the driving instructor I recommend to all of my friends looking to learn how to drive, not just pass the test…

Alex Long



I was driving for a few years in my country being wild and stupid. I thought It would be very easy to pass my test.
So, when I met Nick and he started teaching me; I realised how stupid I was thinking I knew how to drive.
Nick is a fantastic instructor, he really pushed me to learn to, to understand driving.
There were days when I didn’t want to continue learning but he never let me give up. It took me some time to pass my test but now, I drive and I feel safe and while I am driving, still Nick’s words and lessons come to my mind. Nick taught me not just to drive but to survive. :) Thanks Nick!!
Sonia Hernandez
Sonia is from Mexico, where driving is ‘interesting’


Thank you again for PASSING FIRST TIME a member of my family. That is three in a row now.

Maureen James.

Her daughter Fiona passed first time about six years ago, then Robin about four years ago and now Jack.

Jacks comment after passing was:

I didn’t just learn to pass the test, I learnt how to drive like I’m experienced. Also has good taste in music.

Cheers Jack


Having my driving lessons with Nick couldn’t have been easier, he never shouted when you did something wrong and kept a friendly atmosphere in the car whilst driving. But he also taught you how to drive, not just how to pass your test. I would highly recommend Nick if you want to pass your test to not only get your license but to be able to drive with confidence after you’ve passed.

Stephen Reilly.
Stephen had some bad luck in having two tests cancelled because of weather conditions.  He did pass first time . . . eventually.

Nick is truly a gifted Instructor. I have being driving for over 15 years in different countries. As I came to the UK and had to do my driving test over for the UK driving license, Nicks advice and help was spot on. I have heard that it was one of the most difficult test to do. After a few lessons, I must say Nick was very helpful after seven lessons.

Thanks Nick keep the good work up. MK is lucky to have you.

Marlon Edwards

Marlon passed the UK test after just seven hours.


“Nick is a very nice guy and easy to get along with. He is a very demanding instructor, pushing you onwards so that you can progress and improve. This is also very encouraging as he makes you attempt things that you might otherwise avoid. I felt that I was well prepared by the time I took my test and I think this helped me to pass first time”.



Caitlin said to her friends after discussing overtaking with them , ‘Nick taught me how to do that that quite soon, he shows me how to get on with it. He teaches me how to look out for myself’.

Caitlin passed first time, as did her brother and older sister after training with me.

Dear Nick

Thank you so much for teaching me to drive. I really enjoyed your lessons.

Lauren x

Lauren was a seriously ill young lady, she went into hospital for a long time just a few days after passing her test at the first attempt. Well done star girl.


Nick is a great driving instructor. I was really nervous when I started driving lessons, but Nick made all my nerves float away simply because he is so calm and collected that it rubs off on you as well. He made me feel confident in my abilities as a driver. Learning to drive with Nick couldn’t have been more fun as he introduces you to what he calls ‘the big girls playground.’ For me especially I felt as though Nick actually taught me to drive, instead of just teaching me how to pass the test.

Helen T

Helen was ready for her test after just 22 hours and passed first time.


Callum said…”we’re driving along and you sit up, use the brake, change gear, adjust the steering and relax again and I’m not sure what I missed, how do you do it?…”

The answer is experience; I know what you are likely to do in this tricky situation. I have seen it before, and I am ready for it.


When I first started learning, I was very nervous about driving as I didnt really know much about cars and driving at all. However, when Nick took me out he made sure that I was calm, and took me around the local places I knew to make sure I was comfortable with the car and not so nervous about driving. This helped me to relax and soon enough I was gaining confidence…(Click Here Read More)

in my driving”.

“Nick is an instructor that always adapts his teaching to the new driver, he is really friendly and approachable, and he helped me really see how fun driving can be.

By the time I booked my test Nick had made sure that I was fully prepared to deal with any situation I may come across, and he not only made me practise the situations that would arise in the test, but once I was confident he took me to real life driving situations, involving anything from parking in the supermarket to how I should deal with narrow roads and oncoming traffic.

The main positive with Nick however, is that he teaches you how to DRIVE, and not just how to pass the test”.

Laura :)

Laura passed with only one fault.


“Learning to drive was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but when I first got in the car with Nick, he made sure I was happy with everything I was doing. Once I had the basics grasped…(Click Here Read More)

I managed to gain experience in lots of different driving situations, which has been extremely useful since I passed my test. He taught me to drive for life rather than just to pass my test, and now I feel much more experienced in driving progressively and economically, which is also much better for my car. Once I had passed, I decided to do the Pass Plus certificate with Nick, and this has dramatically increased my confidence in driving on motorways with varying densities of traffic and in different weather conditions. The best thing about learning to drive with Nick is that there is never a quiet moment in the car, and he always makes sure you are ready to pass your test first time.

Thanks Nick”, Olivia


“I was looking for a driving instructor for my very shy daughter when one of my badminton pals said her partner was an excellent instructor.

So, I contacted him and arranged some lessons… (Click Here Read More)

Sarah wouldn’t say boo to a goose but Nick soon brought her out of her shell. He was always keen to give feedback on progress after each lesson and I had to make sure my kettle was boiling on their return! Over the weeks, Sarah became very critical about my driving and I actually learnt quite a lot from her! I soon realised I may have fallen into some bad driving ways e.g. gear changing and braking. She failed her first test on a silly mistake, but in a way I was quite pleased as she gained further confidence over the next few weeks, and then went on to pass with flying colours.

I was in the car with her last week and she’s such a confident driver, she just gets on with it. I ended up looking out of the passenger window as I didn’t want to be the “back seat driver” !! She is just so, so confident!

My son Martin was also taught by Nick. He had much more confidence than Sarah. He is almost 23 now and passed FIRST TIME when he was 17. Today I gave him my car. He’s not driven for almost 6 years and when he got in the car I gave him a few pointers, and told him to sort his mirrors out……….to which he replied, “Yes mum, I need to make sure I can see just a sliver of the car”. Now he’s obviously remembered that from his lessons with Nick! But then he couldn’t remember how to turn the engine off!! Wouldn’t you think that was the easy bit!!

Thank you very much Nick for being an excellent instructor. I would recommend Nick to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He is such a pleasant chappie. I’ve never heard him raise his voice. Just a great friend to have………..but will talk the socks off you!!”

Linda Walker.


Before I had any lessons I was a bit nervous about what to expect with regards to learning to drive. I think I was a bit of a slow starter but as soon as I had an idea of what to do we were out on the grid roads and I gained in confidence really quickly with a lot of encouragement from Nick… (Click Here Read More)

We practiced me finding my own way to places, work and college, and parking when we got there.

Within a very short time after passing the test my parents moved to Norfolk and I had to drive across there. That was when I (really) appreciated doing Pass Plus. And more recently I travelled to Blackpool which involved me travelling on the motorways, to which I remembered everything I was told when I did the Pass Plus. I also have to use the skills that Nick taught me for my job as it can take me anywhere across the county.

Thank you Nick for being a fantastic and patient driving instructor.

Sarah :-)


Since I started driving with Nick my driving has improved rapidly. Nick is highly experienced, patient and a very supportive driving instructor.



I would definitely recommend Nick Scardifield as a driving instructor. He doesn’t just teach you how to pass your test, he also teaches you how to handle the situations and provides little tips that pop into your head while you’re on the roads. Thanks for teaching me how to look out for myself on the crazy roads of MK  :)

Sonia H


I would highly recommend Nick to anyone. Not only is Nick a great driving instructor (I went from nervous novice to good, confident driving), my lessons with Nick were always fun. Nick has a great sense of humour and is really good company (Click Here Read More)

– a good thing when you’re in a car for two hours at a time. He has a way of putting things across so that you never forget it! He ensures that you feel ready and confident to take your test, and always pointed out in driving lessons any mistakes that I made, meaning that by the time my test came I had a good knowledge of what the examiners were looking for. However, Nick not only prepares you for the test but teaches you driving skills that can be transferred into every day driving. Skills I have been using since the day I passed my test!

I would definitely recommend Nick as a driving instructor as he has taught me how to drive safely for life. Thank you Nick :-)

Zoe T


“My parents initially booked my driving lessons as a surprise for my 17th birthday, and I was a bit scared at first but I knew from a young age that I’d always wanted to be able to drive. Nick not only showed me how to become a fully capable driver on the roads but he also showed me how to drive in day-to-day real situations, even in and around multistorey carparks!! (Click Here Read More)

–I’ve been reverse parking like a pro since he taught me all the tricks and he was often more than happy to pick me up and drop me off where I needed to be before and after lessons. During my two hour lessons, Nick always made me feel at ease and had complete confidence in my capability (which as a learner i think everyone needs), having gossip updates every week, there was never a silent moment in the car! Overall Nick is an extremely knowledgeable instructor and

I recommend him to anyone who’s keen to learn and pass their test with not only a license but a feeling of confidence in your own ability that will stick with you through the rest of your time on the road!

Thanks Nick!!”

Natalie  H


Nick taught both my daughters to drive at recommendation of a work colleague and they both passed first time- excellent instructer giving them confidence to drive – touch wood with 6 years of experience between them neither of them have had a biff to this day unlike lots of youngsters at a similar age.

Carol Blomfield

These two young ladies were a pleasure to teach and they passed my name on to so many of their friends. The younger one passed on my birthday so it was a nice present for me as well.

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