The Original Highway Code

I found this on the web. I think it makes interesting reading.

Click on this link to see one of the first ever Highway Codes 1946

There are allusions to courtesy and consideration which people might care to think about today.

You might be surprised to learn that back in 1946 the stopping distance at 50 mph was 175 feet.

In the intervening years of course we now have ABS, ESP, Disc brakes, computer chips and more – back then we had brakes made of baked bean cans and brake shoes made from asbestos and some strange substances.

Now it is 2013 and progress, science and engineering have given us much better… oh hold on, actually it now tells us it is  . . . 50 mph as 53 metres…175 feet. Hey ho! So much for progress.

It is interesting to see how many (few) roadsigns there were then. An interesting one is the ‘school’ sign. I do just remember these prior to  1965?

It represents a flaming torch- as in a beacon of education, you may have heard of schools being ‘beacon schools’.

More than a few schools have been torched since then!

For those who have seen WW2 footage of Allied trucks and troops making their way through the narrow lanes of 1944, then this Highway Code is about roads like that.

No motorways, the North circular was not even thought of, the only dual carriageways were in pre-war Germany.

Have a look at Google Earth and look for the 1948 aerial maps and see how few roads there were.