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Hi, my name is Nick Scardifield and I have been giving driving lessons in Milton Keynes for several years.  I am one of the more experienced Driving Instructors in Milton Keynes and have been teaching people to drive for over 30 years.  I became an Approved Driving Instructor over 16 years ago.  I have taught hundreds of learner drivers to pass their driving test and to drive with confidence.

Since I founded Passfinder Driving Tuition in Milton Keynes, it has achieved an enviable reputation, built not only on its excellent pass rate, but also on its reputation for friendly, patient teaching with an all important personal touch.

About 80% of the Passfinder Driving School pupils pass their driving test first time (January 2016).

The pass rate for the Bletchley Driving Centre, Milton Keynes is 49.88% (which with the exception of High Wycombe is the highest locally) and the national pass rate is and so the average pass rate, for males is 49.1% and for females 42.8%.

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Driving Lessons Milton Keynes – How Many Driving Lessons am I likely to Need?

Some people learn to drive more quickly than others.  12 hours of Passfinder’s driving lessons may be enough for some,  but most learner drivers will need more driving lessons. How many driving lessons you need depends on a number of factors, including:

  • How many driving lessons you take each week.
  • The length of your driving lessons.
  • The ability and experience of the person who is teaching you to drive.
  • Your confidence and determination to pass the driving test.
  • Your age and your abilities.

According to the Driving Standards Agency, 17 to 18 year olds require about 44 hours of professional driving lessons and about 22 hours of private practice to have the best chance of passing their test. That many driving lessons in Milton Keynes is achievable  quicker than you might think.

How Long Should  a Driving Lesson Last?

The majority of learner drivers in the UK now take two-hour driving  lessons.  Most of  my pupils have a two-hour driving lesson each week.  It has been widely observed that learner drivers will make better progress if they have  two-hour driving lessons in Milton Keynes rather than just a single hour lesson. The learner driver will actually gain more experience. This is because a smaller proportion of driving lesson time is spent driving to a suitable location, so we can cover more topics and have proportionally longer to practice what you have learned and you, the pupil, will remember more of it.

How Many Driving Lessons a Week Should I Take?

If a learner driver, on a tight budget, has a two-hour driving lesson every two weeks, it is less expensive than a single hour every  week.  This is because you will learn more effectively and retain more.  So, if at all possible, it’s best to take a two-hour driving lesson.  Obviously the more driving lessons a week you have the better, but I recognise that it takes a great commitment to have a two hour driving lesson each week. The DSA’s advice is that frequent and regular lessons are best.

Why Have a Professional Driving Instructor?

Some learner drivers choose to get taught to drive by a relative, but most people choose to take driving lessons with a professional driving instructor.  The more experienced the driving instructor, the fewer lessons a pupil is likely need to take.

Professional driving instructors have experience of getting learner drivers through their tests and are able to provide advice on all aspects of motoring.  I have intimate  knowledge of the best places in Milton Keynes to teach you the skills that you will need, to satisfy a driving examiner that you are competent to drive.  I will be able to give guidance on the driving theory test and many other things.

I am one of the most experienced Approved Driving Instructors in Milton Keynes.

I am also patient and successful and I offer quality driving lessons at competitive prices.

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Call me NOW to book a course of driving lessons in Milton Keynes.  Please be prepared to leave a voicemail message, because I can’t take calls when I am driving or instructing. I will get back to you as soon as I am safely parked.


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